Hurricane Katrina

Shared research about Hurricane Katrina that caused record breaking damage and widespread destruction from August 23-30, 2005.

Hurricane Katrina Study of Wind Damage from Microbursts and Downbursts

Hurricane Katrina Video Wind Events Verse Storm Surge/Flood Waters

A lot of the Hurricane Katrina Damage was caused by both wind and water. Identifying what specifically caused damage to a building or a tree is often difficult to distinguish. In this video, David Jungblut points out what homeowner insurance companies blamed on water may have in fact been destroyed by wind first.

Downbursts and Microbursts During Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina Study Video Evidence of Microbursts and Downbursts

A relatively unknown natural phenomena are downbursts and microbursts that can occur under certain severely unbalanced weather conditions such as during a hurricane. David Jungblut shares the evidence of downbursts and microbursts that he found on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina Study. Microburst, Downburst, Wind Water Study

Hurricane Katrina Study Video Website Walkthrough and Research Information

David Jungblut, the Geologist built this site to share his explanations into the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina that he found during extensive studies of the Mississippi Gulf Coast cities of Gulfport, Biloxi and Ocean Springs and Louisiana’s famous cultural city of New Orleans. David guides you on a tour of the Hurricane Katrina Study¬†website and discusses his scientific research findings.

Much of the Hurricane Katrina Study was focused on microbursts, downbursts and other wind events.