Thank You for Research Help

Hurricane Katrina Study Acknowledgements

A Big Thanks to All of the Help I Received During this Hurricane Katrina Project

WLOX ABC 13 the Station for South Mississippi: Katrina South Mississippi Story

National Geographic Society: Cyclones

David Jungblut, Geologist: Wind or Water

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations National Geodetic Survey: Hurricane Katrina Images

United States Geological Survey: Hurricane Katrina Impact Studies

David Jungblut, Geologist: Geological Principles and Hurricane Katrina

David Jungblut, Geologist: Why Were So Many Properties Destroyed During Hurricane Katrina?

David Jungblut, Geologist: How Was My House Destroyed; Was It by Wind or Water?

T. Theodore Fujita: DFW Microburst ON August 2, 1985
T. Theodore Fujita: The Downburst Microburst and Macroburst

A number of Oakcrest High School staff members have helped me, they include:

Joanne Carr and Brenna Baker, with editing;

Chris Monroe, with smart board technology;

Charles Chip Lockwood III, with a documentary of the trips to Mississippi.

Three students have worked on the documentary; they are: Colleen Dirkes, Leanna Dattolo and Kierstin Wunder.

Christopher Sopuch, with placing my paper with pictures on the web. Two students are working with him; they are: Vincent Brunetti and Gena Petrillo.

I am teaching students how to evaluate pictures from the hurricane site. To help with assess damage. Some students that are doing nice work are Michael Schumacker and Todd Dorn.

Brenna Baker, Joe Seaman, Lea Fitzpatrick and Nathan Schreiber have helped with content discussions.

Joe Hockreiter, senior environmental specialist from Yardley, Pennsylvania has conducted a peer review of my research.

Future plans include using my research as a teaching tool and having students do projects related to events that happened during Hurricane Katrina.